Option 1:

Want to find a plan that best meets your specific needs? Consider selecting and purchasing different types of Medicare coverage.

Original Medicare Part A

In-patient hospital care or skilled nursing facility

No Premium*

*For most people receiving social security benefits

Original Medicare Part B

Covers doctor’s visits plus many outpatient services

Monthly Premium

Medicare Part D

Covers prescription drugs

Cost varies by plan

Medicare Supplement (Medigap)

Helps pay out-of-pocket health expenses not covered by Parts A & B

Cost varies by plan

Option 2:

What if you could have everything Medicare offers rolled into one simple plan? It could be more convenient and efficient for you to choose a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare Part C

Medicare Advantage Plan

Cost varies by plan

Can include additional benefits like dental, hearing, vision and prescription drugs (Part D)
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Just a Phone Call Away

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Friendly Agents

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