Corporate Procurement at Florida Blue

Building a diverse network of suppliers to offer quality, affordable health care solutions.

New Suppliers

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Existing Suppliers

The Corporate Procurement department utilizes suppliers that embody our mission, vision and values; add value to our sourcing processes; and competitively fulfill our business needs.

Our suppliers help Florida Blue achieve our mission and vision of helping communities achieve health by becoming a leading innovator in health care.

We seek mutually beneficial business relationships, broad and diverse in scope, to gain a position of strength within the marketplace.

These relationships also allow us to offer the most affordable health care solutions to our customers without compromising service, quality and value.

Collaborate with Florida Blue to achieve better health in our communities.


Additional information for potential and current suppliers.

Supplier Diversity

Program to increase diversity within our supplier network.

Procurement Policy and Business Standards

Corporate Procurement department's responsibility to the company’s assets.